Monitoring Program Support


We are a group of dedicated health care providers that support monitoring programs and their participants through secure web-based support groups. Our secure online meetings provide your participants the insight of specialized facilitators, counselors and therapists as well as

direct peer to peer interaction. Our network of providers support the goals of monitoring programs by alleviating the variation inherent to independent facilitators through comprehensive training of our facilitators to ensure uniformity of education, compliance, and participant accountability. 

Our secure meetings, groups, and treatment sessions are provided online and adhere to the strictest of HIPAA requirements and confidentiality mandates. The goal of our support groups is to deliver quality education and foster reciprocal engagement by the participant and provide continuous accurate progress reports to the monitoring agency. In addition, we follow all monitoring contract obligations and regulatory body reporting

requirements utilizing the format desired by the program. Our reports of compliance are delivered in the intervals required by each program as are reports of noncompliance. In addition to offering support groups and access to ASAM levels of care 0.5, 1, and 2, we are dedicated to personalizing a program for your individual organization to reduce noncompliance and foster successful contract completion.